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Apple Has Probably Killed the ‘Air’ Brand

I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that Apple will never release a new product with the ‘Air’ branding again. For starters, the words ‘Light’ and ‘Professional’ are no longer a dichotomy, though they were when the… Read More

Why Apple invited a YouTuber to their March 9th Event

Apple has invited a YouTuber to a Special Event for the first time. His name? Marques Brownlee, he has millions of subscribers and focuses his channel on reviewing technology. But why has Apple invited a YouTuber? And why… Read More

Macbook Stealth is not a compromise, it’s meeting the target market

So it turns out my original report a few months ago about the 12″ MacBook being noticeably thinner, coming in different colour options, and having the USB-Type-C without MagSafe is probably accurate as Mark Gurman has corroborated my… Read More